Mojo Bytes Events

Mojo Flow Show and Tell

7th March 2021

17:00 am

This is a Free Community Inspiration session.

What are you working on? What are you stuck on? A chance for all creatives to get together, with beverages and snacks and discuss their latest creative works - or something they finished a while ago if nothing is happening at the moment...

Inertia can be so hard to overcome and with winter looming and no end in sight to the co-vid situation we all need to help each other keep that mojo flowing! Just discussing what you are doing or would like to be doing could be enough to get that creative ball rolling.

So if you work in textiles, music, film, paints, metals - whatever - come and talk to others for thoughts, inspiration and motivation.

The event will be held on Zoom.

Everyone is welcome! Tell your friends!

More details are available on our Facebook event page.

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