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Amira To Teach At Mojo

With just over a week to go to our festival we are sad to announce that Miriam Peretz will not be joining us

Instead we have been lucky enough to get the Amazing Amira to take part.

Amira is a Fusion and Cabaret belly dancer based in the UK. She has been teaching for over 15 years.

She invites you to learn how to approach creating your own choreography. This a theory based workshop for the end of the day, so grab a cuppa and learn how you can break down a piece of music to make it more manageable, how you can remember what you want to do and thousands of other useful hints, tips and tricks.

The Mojo Flow Show & Online Dance Festival kicks off on Friday 12th November with our Zoom Chat Show Tales from The Hip featuring many of our dance teachers from the weekend. If you haven't got you weekend ticket yet follow the ticket links below...

You will be able to view the Mojo Flow Show for FREE on our website (below) or directly on YouTube at this link: The Live stream starts at 7:30pm on Saturday 13th November. To be able to comment you must be signed into a google YouTube account. If you are not around do catch the show later on YouTube

We are only able to keep putting on our shows through the support from our audience, if you would like to help support us you can do so in any of the following ways:

Share our Facebook and Instagram posts as well as liking and following our pages (use our links to social in the footer of this email.)

Buy us a coffee at:

Buy a VIP Ticket to the show, they are just £10 and not only do they let you socialise with other show goers and performers but you can win prizes in our competitions too! Tickets are available at:

Buy a ticket to the Workshops happening during the day on Saturday 13th or Our Tales From the Hip event On Friday 12th.

We have another Festival coming up in March 2022, (if this one goes well...) so keep an eye on our website to see when we open submissions again.

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