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Get Creative - Post 1

Whether you are a musician, dancer, writer or any other creative type we all have days where we get stuck with creative block. Unfortunately creative block can become a downward spiral, a lack of progress breeds a lack of confidence which breeds a lack of progress. It can be hard to get out of that spiral and back into your creative flow.

Fortunately we are here to help with some suggestions for how you can beat that block and keep creating. Check back soon for more ideas.

Idea 1 - Limit your toolkit

Most of us creative types have a vast array of tools or styles in our repertoire. While this is a great thing to have it also means we have a huge number of possible starting points. Two many... You can help force yourself to get creative by imposing strict rules on yourself for what tools or styles you can use for your next piece of work. Maybe even challenge yourself to create something from a single tool or style.

Or pick a theme to be inspired by, as this will in the same way give you a framework.

So if I choose Batman for a dance, dark colours for a costume would be needed, or the blue, yellow and gray from the comic strip costume. Certain songs either featuring bats i.e. "bat outta hell" or songs used in Batman films would be in the running. Ruling out anything that doesn't fit with the theme. I might choose to use Isis wings, fan veils or veils to echo wing movements or I could focus more on choreography that mimics fight scenes. So many possibilities are suddenly opened up and simultaneously narrowed down, helping you to focus on what you want to create.

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