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Get Creative - Post 2

Create Snippets

Creative sessions do not always have to be about a complete or specific piece of work. Sometimes you can beat creative block by just spending time creating small pieces of work with no defined goal. Maybe create a new dance combo of just a few moves or a drum beat lasting a few bars. Keep track of these snippets and save them in your notes, maybe you can use them in a later piece of work or perhaps they will inspire a whole new project...

If you are not yet ready to create your own, look through books, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Images etc. For ideas of things other people have done that you like. This absorption period is really important when it comes to creating new works and is scientifically proven. This is why a lot of artists are collectors and scrap bookers. Use the features on websites such as YouTube to save video's that you love in organised lists so that you can come back to ideas later. (To use this feature you need to have a google account and be signed in on YouTube.)

If I was creating a new dance combo, I would look for videos in a similar style and theme that I want to do, I might take 4 moves from 4 different sources, perhaps changing the angle that the audience would view the move on or number of repetitions (if any) which for me is set by how the music I have chosen speaks to me. Voila! I would have created something new.

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