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Grow Your Talents with Mojo, Help the Community to Survive.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The Mojo Flow Show & Online Dance Festival is our way of trying to keep everyone going in these strange times where live performance and real interaction is quite dangerous for those of us with health issues.

As usual Fulya's classes will be performing together virtually in video format, as will artists from around the world, plus the odd live performance.

We are trying to show the world that performing art isn't dead, it is changing and having to take on more technology in new ways to survive. We are giving you a safe platform to grow these new talents and trying to assist in as many ways as we can.

We know change is scary but if we face it together it is empowering.

Please support us, liking our posts and watching the show on YouTube will not cost you monetarily but will mean loads to us and could in the long term help us to gain an income from this. Or you could buy tickets to our events... or buy us a coffee at The team has put thousands of hours into this out of love, but it's not sustainable and we need to pay our bills. So if you love it please support it as otherwise it might not survive.

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