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1st Mojo Flow Online Festival - October 2020

This was the line up of teachers and workshops for our first Mojo Flow Online Festival in October 2020.

Workshop Details

Most of the workshops at the Mojo Flow Festival will be an hour and fifteen minutes long. 

That is a one hour workshop and a fifteen minute Q&A at the end. 

There are four workshop time slots during the day and to give you the most choice we can, two workshops are running in parallel in each time slot, so you can choose which workshops you want to attend.  You can even switch between them part way through if you want!


The last two workshops of the day will only be forty five minutes long as we thought they would give you an opportunity to wind down before the big show!

10:30 - 11:45 - Dance Room 1 - Fulya

Zambra Mora


Zambra Mora is considered the forbidden dance because it was once banned for its sensual nature. 

It’s roots come from the Moors who inhabited Spain for around 500 years, so many of our bellydance moves are quite prevalent. Also the Taranto, a flamenco dance (& palo) which comes from Almeria. Zambra Mora is the dance of the gypsies from Almeria and Granada. As you would expect the costume for this dance is a blend of Spanish and Bellydance – long full flowing gypsy skirts, a shirt knotted just under the chest – or a Turkish vest - and bare feet.

We will look at some flamenco footwork and flamenco marking steps that can be added to yourbellydance moves to create a short combo that encompasses this vibrant style.

10:30 - 11:45 - Dance Room 2 - Alexis Southall

Alexis Southall - Alexis Southall (2).jp

Alexis’ Wave-shop

Become like water and flow through endless liquid motion. This workshop will guide you through drills and movement combinations, paying particular attention to wave technique for the arms.

Expect luscious figure 8s, circles and undulations accompanied by Alexis’ signature creative arm patterns utilizing a variety of waves and energy manipulation.

12:00 - 13:15 - Dance Room 1 - Katie Holland

Nepalese Blessing Dance

Experience a beautifully, soul soothing blessing dance from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Originally performed in secret by male, Buddhist temple priests, this dance is usually performed at the beginning of a ceremony or 'puja' (prayers). We welcome, connect and bring blessings to the audience, fellow dancers, gurus and from the deities portrayed. This is a rare opportunity to learn a sacred, cultural dance that Katie had the amazing opportunity to study with a traditional artist whilst in Nepal.

No dance experience is necessary.


12:00 - 13:15 - Dance Room 2 - Charlotte Wassell

Fluid Framework: Arms, Hands and Posture

Beautiful arms and hands are the framework for our dance. Upper body posture is key and elegant hands are a must - mastery of both will enrich your presentation and add elegance and grace to your movement. We will take an in-depth study into a variety of arm positions and pathways giving you the tools to develop liquid undulations and fluid gestures. You will leave with a variety of phrases and combinations to add to your toolbox and use for your own improvisation or choreography.

Charlotte Wassell - 20180809_NeiMad2.jpg

13:30 - 14:30 - Dance Room 1

Working with Technology and making your videos better seminar/Q&A


When lock down started we found ourselves in the position of having to cancel the show we had been planning for months.  Refusing to be beaten we decided to try and make it an online show  instead.  We went from no knowledge of what we were doing to putting on our first online show in just over 7 days.


Realizing the potential of the technology we had available to us and the limitations that lock down imposed on us all; we created the Mojo Flow show to encourage creativity through technology and to help keep peoples mojo flowing during stressful times.


The people who have taken part in our shows have embraced that ethos and produced wonderful acts using technology in ways they had never done before.  Whether that be interesting video effects, finding ways for groups to perform together when they cannot physically get together or just working out how to film their performances for the first time.


We have asked a number of these performers to talk about their experiences, how they got to grips with new technology, and ways of working which allowed them to do things they had never done before.  You will be able to ask questions, get advice and hopefully be inspired yourself to do something new!

13:30 - 14:30 - Dance Room 2


Lunch Time Chat

One of the things we all love about festivals is the chance to see people we have not seen for a long time and catch up.

To try and bring a bit of that to the Mojo Flow Festival, we will be having a Zoom Call open throughout lunch for people to connect to and just chat.

Pop in, say hi, talk about what you have been up to or just the mornings workshops.

Come Join us!

14:45 - 16:00 - Dance Room 1 - Amira

Bollywood Moves

Amira will be inviting you to explore some Bollywood moves, where she
will break down the technique and hand gestures. These moves will then be used to teach 2 combinations that you can take away and use in your own dancing. Notes will also be provided of the combos taught.

Emma Wheate-Price - IMG_20191203_065451_

14:45 - 16:00 - Dance Room 2 - Sureya

Turkish Romany

Turkish Romany/ Roman Havasi is a fun, social, traditional style danced in various regions throughout Turkey.

During this workshop we will explore the Romany 9/8 rhythm, how to recognise it as well as basic steps and some challenge combinations. There will also be time for QnA, theory and cultural references.

Things to bring:
Water, comfortable clothing & notepad.


16:15 - 17:00 - Dance Room 1 - Fulya

Body Awareness


It is surprising how out of touch you can be with some areas of your body. As dancers we tend to be more tuned in than most to the mind body connection, but sometimes there are blockages that require a whole host of strategies to help you obtain your full range of movement and awareness.

lf you feel you can't get a handle on a move it might be because of muscle imbalance or weakness, inhibition because of an old injury, poor posture, past emotional trauma or some other body / brain blockage.

This workshop has a strong sport science basis but we may veer into the esoteric.
Neuroscience is just beginning to explain the reasons why we need what may feel like “woo” so go with it! 

Please bring a yoga mat, 3 paper back books of different thickness and a small towel, you may also like to bring a notebook.

16:15 - 17:00 - Dance Room 2 - Kate


Makeup Follow Along

A workshop crash course in performance makeup.  Follow along with Kate as she creates a striking, colourful  and dramatic look.  You will learn about how performance makeup differs from everyday makeup and Kate will share with you some of the tips and tricks she has picked up


This is a great workshop for those who are newer to performing or who just want to have some fun with makeup as you get ready ahead of the Mojo Flow Show in the evening!


You will need your own makeup if you want to follow along and possibly a paper and pen for notes.

17:00 - 18:00 - Dance Room 2


Post Workshop Chat

Another chance for you to catch up with other festival goers as you might at a live festival.

We will be having a Zoom Call open for an hour after classes for people to connect to and just chat.

​Come Join us!

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