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The goal of Mojo Flow has been to stimulate creativity through technology and help to keep everyone creating and interacting during lock down.  As the shows and festivals take a great deal of time and effort to organise we cannot run them regularly so we decided to create Mojo Bytes.  That is small bite site chunks of inspiration or social interaction to help stimulate our Mojo Community.

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Mojo Bytes will include things like:

  • One off online workshops

  • Short one minute craft or tip videos

  • Social sessions such as show and tells to generate interaction and ideas

As well as much more.

Click HERE for upcoming Mojo Bytes Events

For our videos Click HERE

We also have a Facebook group for the Mojo community where you can share photos/videos of your work and chat to other members.  You can find that group HERE

If you would like to get involved with Mojo Bytes, perhaps you have a video you would like to submit to us, please email us at: or via the Facebook page.

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