Mojo Flow Festival Teachers

Here is our Teacher Line up for the Mojo Flow Festival on the 13th November 2021

Fuchsia - UK

Fuchsia is an international teacher and performer based in the UK. Her teaching focuses on giving dancers the tools they need to develop and progress in their own individual dances.

She believes everyone has their own unique expression and movement and loves helping people to unlock this. She is known for her friendly and adaptable style, providing a safe space to experiment and explore our dance.

Fuchsia is a level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor and qualified meditation teacher. She studied Drama and Creative Writing to degree/masters level and these disciplines influence her approach to dance. In fusion belly dance Fuchsia has studied extensively with a number of teachers and certification programs. 

Fuchsia is also a member of the Stygian Collective.


Kasper - USA


Kasper began dancing competitively in pom, jazz, and hip-hop at age 11 and continued competing in IDTA and UDA all throughout high school and college (placing 8th & 3rd in the nation with her teammates in the hip-hop and pom open divisions). She briefly coached her college competition dance team while instructing at two local children's dance studios, but it wasn't until after graduating as a Physical Therapist Assistant that she stumbled into the world of belly dance. She's been addicted to serving the belly dance community ever since!

"I started my belly dance journey under the direction of certified instructor Therese Wyatt (Assistant Director of Kajira Djoumahna's international BlackSheep BellyDance format), and I continue to practice my belly dance technique with Therese in the group Maverick Moon Belly Dance. I am now also a certified BlackSheep BellyDance instructor with plans to achieve other format certifications in the future.

In addition, I later joined the Stygian Collective (formerly Stygian Sisters) led by Shyama, and I enjoy creating dark fusion solo and group videos with them.

Although I feel most comfortable dancing with a group, I've recently begun pushing myself more as a solo artist in order to expand the boundaries of my comfort zone. I have attended workshops with Kajira Djoumahna, Kae Montgomery, Zoe Jakes, Donna Mejia, Kamrah, Kendra Katz, Bevin Victoria, Tempest, Hannah Mullins, Jill Parker, Kami Liddle, April Rose, Ami Amore, Michelle Sorensen, Adrienne Rice, Deb Rubin, Sahira, Silvia Salamanca, & Rachel Brice, along with regular training through Rachel Brice's Datura Online.

As a creative individual, I’ve always loved having the opportunity to share my ideas, opinions and talents with others around me. Teaching and instructing has provided such a wonderful outlet to do exactly that.


Fulya - UK

_DSC2579 (Copy).JPG

Fulya is Bellydance teacher, performer, costumier and event organizer, for the majority of her 20 year career this has been her full time job. She is well known as a fusion bellydance performer and constantly seeks to push boundaries and re-define her art.  Every aspect of her performance is carefully planned and constructed from concept to execution, all parts are equally important.  Music choice, costume, make up and even hair style are all carefully crafted to help tell the dances story and she enjoys every part of the journey.

As a teacher she is noted for being warm and encouraging, with an ability to break movements and combos down into easy and manageable chunks with many different explanations, methods of learning and plenty of vivid imagery. Fulya has been teaching since 2000 and holds various qualifications in dance
and teaching.

Fusion is Fulya’s passion. Burlesque, Flamenco, Samba, Charleston, Tango, Bollywood and Indian Classical dances have all been studied and fused into her dance and teaching.


Rachel Rafiear - UK


Rachel Rafiefar is a qualified dance teacher is safe and effective dance practice from Laban. She has studied at the Ramzy School of dance with Hossam and Serena Ramsy and holds a JWAAD Safe delivery of Bellydance classes. In different areas of Persian dance she has studied with Shahrazad Khorsandi Rana Gorgani, Helia Bandeh and Katayoun. Persian dance lies vey close to her heart and is excited to share this beautiful art form with you. 


Doe Demure - UK

Doe Demure - Fans 2.jpg

Doe Demure is a fusion belly dancer based in the UK. She has performed extensively as a burlesque showgirl, and as part of Chaines Dance Company's Moulin Rouge, Vegas showgirl, Cancan, Charleston duo, Bollywood, Hawaiian hula and Belly dance troupes. Her performance experience includes fire hula hoop at the Miss Great Britain finals, a solo show as an opening act for American rock band The Eels and internationally at Hoop Gathering in Banyoles, Spain. She has created choreographies for Bijoux Burlesque for their instructors to teach in classes across England and was published in BOMBSHELL Pin-Up Magazine in June this year.


Miriam Peretz - USA

0I6A3191 (1).JPG

Miriam Peretz is an internationally celebrated dancer devoted to creating
transformational experiences for her students and audiences worldwide.


Miriam’s signature style, Nava Dance draws heavily on Central Asian dance, devotional whirling practices, and sacred dance rituals from around the world.  Her movement quality and aesthetics also incorporate her years of martial arts training, contemporary dance, Flamenco, and many other world dance forms.

Miriam has devoted her life to empowering and healing women through the art of dance and ritual.  She sees dance as a uniquely powerful means of expressing deep emotion and spiritual yearning, and therefore the perfect embodiment of prayer.


Candlelora - USA


Candlelora is the Light in your Darkness. A sassy siren whom craves adventure, invites her audience and students to join her. 

Candlelora has studied Fusion Belly Dance alongside of a various other dance styles in the past decade. She has educated herself in a diverse array of movement arts, including martial arts for most of her life, with a mixture of celebrated dancers and instructors.
Candlelora thrives on out of the box thinking Choreography; taking experimental risks with her dancing, often including props of in many abundant styles, favouring her Sword. She is an instructor of Fusion Belly Dance and is delighted to share her love and knowledge of movement. 

Candlelora blossoms while enjoying never ending training of belly dance skills and techniques as well always being a student. She invites you to join the adventure of strengthening your belly dance skills and opening the door for creating unique choreography in this workshop focusing on head/body balancing with an emphasis on Belly Dance Sword starting with beginning skills to advanced. (*It is not necessary to have a balanced sword, only an object that can be balanced and most likely dropped as we learn*)

She performs around the Midwest United States (with aspirations of the entire the world) as a solo Artist. She fuses her adoration with Fire and Dance with "2OnPoint": her fire/ acro/dance duo. Candlelora also joins her other troupe members in the Wicked Wenches Cabaret, Fandazzi Fire Circus, and anywhere there is dancing to be done.


Tahira - Poland

Tahira (61).JPG

Tahira - professional dancer, instructor and choreographer of oriental dance with over 10 years of experience. One of the most successful Polish belly dancers. She brought medals, among others, from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Bulgaria and even the USA. Oriental dance is the essence of her life which she shares with others on a daily basis. She also runs an online store with gadgets for oriental dancers and on her YouTube channel she runs an educational series about dance related things called Tahira Belly Dance Diary.