3rd Mojo Flow Online Festival - 12/13th November 2021

Workshop Details

All of the workshops at the Mojo Flow Festival will be an hour and fifteen minutes long.

There are four workshop time slots during the day and to give you the most choice we can, two workshops are running in parallel in each time slot, so you can choose which workshops you want to attend.  You can even switch between them part way through if you want!

There will also be a lunchtime seminar.

Call of the Siren/Cry of the Banshee

Teacher: Fuchsia - 1h 15m

Can you transform yourself into a seductive siren, whose call is so irresistible, so compelling, that sailors would die trying to get to you?


How about a Banshee? Walking the shores, ghostly and filled with sorrow. Whose long, haunting cry warns those who are about to suffer loss?


In this creative workshop we’ll learn some dynamic combos that embody these different characters, feeling that compelling power each character holds and how we can present those differences effectively to an audience. 


Appreciate the beauty and portrayal of both, and explore how to express them.


Can you hear the call? 



Teacher: Kasper- 1h 15m

This original Kasper fusion choreography (to Yael Naim’s cover of “Toxic” by Britney Spears) was initially created as her first ever solo piece for Stygian Sisters auditions!


This dark and delicate song cover lends itself to slow intricate movements with a moody cleverness. It is loaded with lots of basic belly dance technique which makes this choreography perfect for beginners while still challenging intermediate/advanced dancers with its syncopated rhythms and musicality.


If you feel like getting really down and dirty (and if time allows), bring some lipstick because this dance includes a saucy portion of "lipstick-ography"! You won't regret digging your heels into this slinky and sinuous session because it is going to be totally TOXIC! (All dance levels)


Touch of Persia

Teacher: Rachel Rafiefar- 1h 15m

The beautiful dances of Persia are beginning to make their way into mainstream dance world. From the indigenous folk dance of Iran like Bandari to the refined court dances of ancient Persia.  These dance arts can offer a range of new rhythms, concepts, and art to every dancer whether professional or dancing for the sheer joy of art.  

In this workshop we will explore the arm and hand gestures of Persian dance and how they can be incorporated into belly dance. The flowing, graceful movements of the arms can complement and highlight the hips and undulations of Arabic dance giving a dancer more artistic licence and creativity. They can also stand alone with graceful walks and as a solo expression. Learn top tips for musical expression and have fun!


Burlesque Bombshell Fusion

Teacher: Doe Demure- 1h 15m

Add some burlesque bombshell allure to your belly dance fusion. Tease doesn’t have to mean stripping, and queen of burlesque tease Doe Demure will show you how it’s done. Sex appeal comes from being comfortable in our own skin and the ability not to take ourselves too seriously. Put it into practice and learn a seductive bellydance choreography oozing with burlesque tease.


Nava Dance Essentials

Teacher: Miriam Peretz - 1h 15m

Nava Dance is a contemporary and holistic dance practice developed by Miriam Peretz that draws deep inspiration from Silk Road (Central Asian) themes and movement aesthetics, as well as from the devotional practice of whirling.  Each Nava Dance class incorporates Miriam’s signature ritualized warm ups, sequences in the Nava style, as well as the study of Neo-Classical, contemporary and mystical Persian dance. The Nava Dance Essentials class will give an overview of the format, the intentions behind the movement rituals, and teach short combinations that focus both on technique as well as heart centric themes and gestures. Various forms of turning techniques will also be introduced.


Be Creative

Teacher: Tahira- 1h 15m

Oriental dance gives us dozen of possibilities while creating choreographies. We only have to NOT forget about them. Wake up your creativity while working on combination in a couple of totally different ways.


Bolero Blue

_DSC2891 (Copy).JPG

Teacher: Fulya- 1h 15m

Latin rhythms, steps and influences had always found their way into middle eastern music. Artists are like sponges and absorb all they come into contact with, so as travel got easier and easier you can find the evidence for this going all the way back in recorded history. Join Fulya for latinised bellydance steps, ideas and choreography.


From Book to Sword, a Balancing Workshop

Teacher: Candlelora- 1h 15m

Candlelora invites beginners and advanced balancing beings to join her on working on building balancing skills from using an object to balance (a book, a bottle, a bowl, feel free to be original!) to using a balanced sword on various parts of the body and the head! (It will not be necessary to have a balanced sword, just an object that *can and probably will* be dropped. )


In our workshop we will warm up our bones and talk about posture for optimal balance success. We will work through balancing objects and swords on different body surfaces and our heads. Through fun, challenging, and creative new balancing skills, we will then build a short choreography that YOU can use for your next performance!