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Mojo Flow Dance Festival - 4th Editon

26th March 2022 

Workshop Details

All of the workshops at the Mojo Flow Festival will be an hour and fifteen minutes long.

There are three workshop time slots during the day and to give you the most choice we can, two workshops are running in parallel in each time slot, so you can choose which workshops you want to attend.  You can even switch between them part way through if you want!

Vintage Fusion Bellydance

Teacher: Ida Mahin  - 2 x 1h 15m

Ida 20_Photographer Max Wildgruber.jpg

Vintage Fusion Bellydance Part 1- Technique & Combinations

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the era of smoky cabarets and legendary showgirls! Ida introduces you to vivacious Charleston steps, spectacular high kicks and cheeky hip swings.

Vintage Fusion Bellydance Part 2 - Short Choregraphy

Building on the technique and combos of Part 1, we will create a short choreography. Let’s dive deep into past times and layer a sepia filter over our dance. With lots of vintage charme, Charleston steps and showgirl glam we will interpret the most fun and fancy side of fusion bellydance.

Idas Workshop



Teacher: Yallar - 1h 15m

Want to enhance your dance skills? Why not to try sexy hip moves taken from sensual dance style kizomba. Will be exploring 2 different styles and mixing them to create new dance choreography

Yallar Workshop

Flamenco Fan


Teacher: Fulya- 1h 15m

Grab yourself a hand fan and add some flamenco flavour to you dance combo's.  Flamenco and Bellydance share a lot of similar ground, over the millennia they have absorbed lots from each other. So let Fulya a dancer of both disciplines guide you.

In this workshop you will learn various;

  • Fan holds,

  • Ways to open and close your fan,

  • Fan rotations - circles and figure 8s,

  • Dance combinations with fans.

Fulyas Workshop

Dance with the Stars

Bonita 3.jpg

Teacher: Bonita- 1h 15m

Follow in the footsteps of some of the greats of Egyptian Bellydance, learning and practising some of the signature moves that made them the much-loved dancers we continue to be inspired by.

In this workshop you will learn to identify and dance signature movements of star dancers Samya Gamel, Naima Akef, Sohair Zaki and Nagwa Fouad. Each step will be broken down into its core components and practised through repetition; adding stylisation, layers and variations to suit all abilities. All moves will then be practised by incorporating into a follow along drill. 

Each movement will be accompanied by a brief introduction of the dancer and her individual style. 

Questions are welcomed throughout and at the end of the workshop, and further direction to sources of information relating to the dancers will be provided.

Bonita Workshop

Dark Fusion

Nazirah Cordova - The Raven.jpg

Teacher: Nazirah Cordova - 1h 15m

Creating stories and building character for an enchanting and magical
performance. Dancers will work in choreography creating and building a story , learning the importance of musicality and movements within the story.

Nazirahs Workshop
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