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Who is Fulya?


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Fulya has a lifelong passion for music and dance and it was her drive to share that passion with others that lead her to start teaching.  Twenty years on, that passion and drive are still going strong and are evident in the work she puts into her classes and her dedication to her students!

Fulya's primary dance style is Bellydance with Cabaret, Tribal Fusion, Vintage Fusion and Folkloric elements.  In addition Fulya is  experienced in Flamenco and Burlesque dance.  All this gives her a unique style and a breadth of experience she can draw on to help her students find what style or combination is right for them.

Fulya holds a list of qualifications in both dance and teaching, she uses every free moment to read up on new styles and practices or to take workshops and classes to further her knowledge and skills.  She also makes the majority of her costumes for her performances herself.

Fulya has been teaching dance since 2000. She has suffered from auto immune issues most of her life and is all about finding the right moves and way of doing things for the individual person.

Pre-Covid twice a year Fulya organized and hosted a Charity Halfa (party) where her students had the opportunity to perform and show off what they have learned in front of a friendly and supportive audience, get a chance to see other dancers perform and raise money for good causes. Her shows have hosted some of the big names in bellydancing such as Princess Farhana, Tjarda Van Straten, Alexis Southall, Maria D'Silva, Bex Priest and Samantha Valentine.  

Since Co-Vid Fulya kept her students and others performing by running the Mojo Flow Show on YouTube. 

Fulya has taught and performed at many of the major UK Bellydance Festivals such as Majma, Gothla, JoY (Jewel of Yorkshire) and Fantasia.  She has worked with some well known dancers such as Katie Holland, Amira (Emma Wheate-Price), Amaris (Diane Cox), Arielle (Val Rainbow) and Jo Parish.

Since 2004, Fulya has been the troupe leader and choreographer of her Tribal Fusion performance group called Tribe-Ulations.  Tribe-Ulations perform at various events around the country all year round.

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In addition to dance, Fulya is passionate about music. She teaches the Darbuka (Middle Eastern Drum) and leads "The Long Beats" drumming group which is open to all and who meet regularly to practice and perform middle eastern style music.  She also plays the guitar (Electric, Acoustic and Flamenco) with her band Constellations.

If all this were not enough, Fulya runs Kookie Kaftan with her sister.  Kookie Kaftan is a bellydance souk (market) which sells bellydance costume and accessories.  

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