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Costume Premier - Gothla My Bloody Valentine Sat 19th Feb 2022

I made the bra for this costume a few years back but finally decided that I needed to make a belt as well to match. So after a few months of work here it is. In the end it was finished as I needed a new costume as I am teaching and performing at Virtual Gothla this Saturday (19th Feb) and there is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!

I didn't know what I was going to do for a solo but after a bit of brain storming with my Mojo Flow partners Pete & Kate Chaplin we decided on re-creating the video to Echo & The Bunnymen's Killing Moon.

One of the first dance video's I edited for The Mojo Flow Show was Tribe-Ulation's dance to Sister's Of Mercy's Temple of Love. I was thrilled that I had managed to make it look like an authentically dodgy goth video from the 1980's. So when Kate suggested that we re-create an actual video that seemed like an amazing idea. We got the video up on YouTube and right away we were all discussing ways of getting the effects. We booked an extra hour after troupe practice at the local community centre and put up our green screen, did some filming and then Kate got on with the editing.

To see the results tune in to virtual Gothla this Saturday (show tickets £5) I am also teaching the first workshop of the day - Somatic's workshop at 10am too.

Killing Moon Video

Belt in progress pictures.

Mojo Flow Team - Pete & Kate Chaplin, ready for filming.

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