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Dance is Healing

Monday - Short Course From 19th September 2022

Gentle Bellydance for those with Health issues - And /Or complete beginners.

No experience needed, just learn to move your body at a very gentle pace. Seated options will be given.

From a teacher that has managed her own auto-immune issues with dance and stretching for the last 21 years. When I first started bellydance I could just about get through the warm up and then watched the rest of the class. Dance works the entire body as well as the brain. Music adds an extra healing dimension too. If you are managing fatigue and chronic illness this really does help.

This class will be recorded and available for 7 days for all students, so you don't need to make the live time - or you can continue working with the class until the next one.

Zoom Class 6:00 - 6:40pm

£25 for 5 weeks

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