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Exercise for Introverts

A lot of people love boot camps, being pushed to the limits and shouted at seems to work for some people. I wonder if these are extroverts? Extroverts draw their energy from being around others, Introverts need to withdraw into their own company to recharge. At least half of us who identify with the latter statement need to do so because they understand other people’s feelings all too well, and get overwhelmed by them. Because they do understand what another is feeling they feel they are expected to alter their behavior and forfeit their needs. So getting away from others is a relief! But we as humans need other people to heal, to grow, to feel connected, to thrive. Somatics is a way of moving and connecting with your body that means you have to tune in and listen to yourself. If you feel pain your body is trying to tell you something so you listen to that, and feel your way around the edges of it, finding what works to diminish that pain. The complete opposite of “no pain no gain” which is teaching you to ignore what your body is telling you. And of course for some people that can work but perhaps you are an introvert and need to try the opposite?

Working somatically can be done on your own, in fact some of it needs to be done this way, but there is also lots of merit and healing in witnessing others making connections, asking questions and sharing experiences.

All of my classes have a somatic base, but some are more focused on this than others. “Gentle Bellydance for those with long term illnesses' ' (inc beginners) Mondays 6pm - 6:40pm GMT 5 weeks short course from Monday 9th January £25. Or 1 to 1 30 min sessions with Fulya £15 on Zoom.

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