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Start your healing journey.

In our modern world we are taught to regularly ignore the signals our body sends us. This is so that you conform and fit in with the school or working day. When we get ill we don’t have that reserve of resilience we had before available for us to draw on, so ignoring these signals becomes very dangerous to us. Because we just don’t know how to listen any more, it can feel like you are spiraling out of control. Particularly when it comes to exercise. “Go for the burn” “shaking is good” “hold on, you can do it” are phrases shouted out in fitness classes and are all about pushing the body further and further beyond its limits. This is only helpful to people that have already got a very high standard of physical fitness. The average Joe is not helped by them, and are in fact regularly harmed, causing injury, aches, fatigue, or simply a lack of wanting to go back. 

If you have been ill and barely been able to move, any movement is an improvement and cause for celebration. 

If you try my gentle bellydance class and have been ill for a long time the best thing you can do is just watch the live class. Scientific studies have shown that just by watching movement our brain and muscles are stimulated. This will also help you to get a handle on what these movements actually are - probably something that your body has never done before. Neuroscientists say that you need to see something that is completely new to you at least nine times before the brain can start to work out what it is. That’s a fact for average people so if you have fatigue it might be a lot more. 

The video for that week is valid for 7 days. You don’t have to do the class from start to finish. I include a warm up, fascia work, dance moves and a cool down. This is for good fitness preparation and education. But for those that are very ill, just watch a few minutes at a time. Move a little if you can, don't worry if you can’t. You will be amazed at how quickly you do start to get it, and how much progress you can make. But you have to remember that everyday is different and some days will be better than others and some days it will feel like you have gone backwards. 

Dance is for everybody and every Body, not just the chosen few. You don’t need to have the right shape or size or colouring or height, everyone can dance and get huge benefits from doing so. 

Start your healing journey today. 

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