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The Joy Of Movement

There is an inherent joy in moving your body in new and beautiful ways.

Particularly if your body has given you lots of pain or you just don't feel great about it. Learning to dance can become self love, it can grow into a well of resilience against the pressures of the world.

Many bellydance moves can be done discreetly, working on small internal muscular movements whilst you are doing other things in your day. In fact this is the best way to integrate it because it sticks in your muscle memory quicker than reserving just an hour each week to work on it.

These exercises can help to distract you from worry, and make you feel productive without having to even get up. This is great if you have anxiety that can take your brain off on spirals.

Most of us worry about the gaze of the world, what will people think of us? They worry about our motivations for doing things. But all learning is empowering and a way of defeating these demons. As you move through the processes these voice loose there power because you gain so much for yourself.

Join me on Monday 11th September for a Free Bellydance Taster Session with Seated options for those with long term health issues or / complete beginners.

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